07/02/19 / by Natalie Wagner

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Be strong. Believe and have faith when times get tough. Though they may not see you in this moment Jesus, I have faith your power will be enough to light up even the darkest of nights.

We live for a world outside what we can now perceive. An eternity with the King. In a place our minds cannot fathom. No more pain or tears. Peace.

When we stumble, Lord you take our hand and carry our weaknesses. You’re so kind and strong. Peaceful yet mighty.

Believing in what I can’t see. You’re my portion Jesus. Nothing is my own. Everything here is temporary.

Though they may not understand, faith in you makes all things clear.

"Our Father is the Son. The Son [Jesus Christ] the rays of light. The Holy Spirit, its tangible warmth.”

I’m still but a child. Naive and trying…on my own I do no good.

Sometimes I wonder why we can’t quite understand the depth of your love here. Then I remember, it’s because we live in a fallen world, riddled with strife and fear.

Soon we will be home.

Although my flesh is weak, the spirit is willing. To walk in the shadow of your snow white wings brings much cheer. To follow your voice is crystal clear.

I love what you’ve created. Your hands trace our souls. They caresses the leaves of a tree and quiets storms. You ride upon the wings of the wind.