Strangers / by Natalie Wagner


I often think about the strangers we encounter. People who come and go like tides. We share each others presence for a brief while, and depart on our ways.

Never will we fully know another’s soul…glimpses I’m sure. Although obscured.

Forget me nots bloom in the hollows of our minds. It is there we keep the little moments that go unnoticed.

Our world has pain. God brings rain on both houses.

Rich, poor, our hearts long for more.

As we pass by in speculation, we see fragments of ourselves in transition. Our eyes are the same. We all have a brain.

Our diversity makes us beautiful.

I see your love in the wind. Invisible and everlasting.

I too see sorrow in our fallen nature. Made in your image, yet born beautifully imperfect. What a conundrum.

Broken parts can be transformed into something wonderful with time.

Often happiness is found at the end of sorrow.