Free Gift / by Natalie Wagner

To trust and rest in the finished work of Jesus Christ. 


A peace that is beyond understanding. 

In the midst of crashing waters your chapel sets us free. 

Two birds caught up in a whirlwind find solace in you.

Yahweh he says. 

God of our salvation. 

In our tears you met your children. 

In smiles you comfort us with an Holy kiss. 

Fiery tongues of indignation trample on snakes and scorpions. 

Two once lost souls meet their Heavenly Father hand in hand.

Clothed in the righteousness of Jesus Christ. 

His blood covers all of our sins.

Intervening where death greeted us at the footstool. 

To old for traditions. 

Ready for your pure milk.

Boundless love abides in your Kingdom.

A span beyond this realm of materiality. 

The only thing we cannot earn is your free gift of eternal life.